You outsource it, MIM solves it!

Outsource to us your administrative/marketing/HR work and relax, MIM solutiON solves it!

Did you know that on an average day, an employee spends 50-80% of their time doing unprofitable work?

Waste of time is an unnecessary expense.

We know ... it sounds very outrageous and unbelievable when described this way, but let's take a closer look at what it's all about!

In practice, 7+1 types of losses are distinguished depending on what they are related to, as shown in the figure above. All of these can be found in the same way in a manufacturing company, a car repair shop, but also in an accounting or even recruitment office. 

How do all these appear in the office?

We will free you from this 50-80% unnecessary expense if you outsource your tasks to us!

The online business sponsor only invoices the value-creating time of the work, so you can get up to a third of the work done!

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Our services:

Remote administration

Data recording, typing, word processing

Scheduling and attendance

Office assistant tasks 

Business relationship building


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